We believe that the most important aspect of sustainability is quality. From the start of Fluga we decided to make a quality product that will last a long time.


The modular design makes it possible to update, improve and renew the goggles over time. You can get a new pair of lenses, strap or even frame - change parts and update instead of buying all new.

Bio Based TPU

From now all frames are made from a biobased TPU. Over 50% of the material in the frames is from corn waste.


The goggles are colored (or not colored) using master batch. This means that we add color (in some) when molding the goggles. So there is no painting done on the frames. Less waste and pollution!


We are mimimizing waste in the production as much as we can. For example, making limited-edition goggles using up all the material when changing colors in the ejection molding. Normally you wash the machine by simply running enough TPU through the machine and then throwing it away. We think this is waste so instead we are making one of akind unique products.


We have strived to make the goggles as clean and minimalistic as possible, both to save weight, but also to save resources. Rovfluga goggles are much lighter than most traditional goggles. This means that we are consuming less.

There are no unnecessary parts or details. For example the strap ends are just folded and stitched – there are no unnecessary plastic parts for the attachment.

Production in EU

We have decided to produce our goggles in Europe since we want to ensure high quality, good working conditions and compliance to environmental laws.

Fluga frames are injection molded in Sweden. Lenses are made in Italy. Goggles are assembled and finished in Italy.


For transport we are using paper packaging only. The paper tube is for storing your goggles so please keep it. However, if you want to recycle the tube, feel free to do so (it is made of recycled paper anyway).