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Rovfluga Spare Lenses Orange - Multi Layer Blue

Rovfluga Spare Lenses Orange - Multi Layer Blue

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Spare Lenses for Rovfluga Goggles – Orange, Multi Layer Blue Mirror

Orange contrast enhancing ZEISS lenses with Multi Layer Blue Mirror for all around use - sunny and partially cloudy conditions.

ENHANCED CONTRASTS: the peak of yellow/green in the spectral curve allows to see contrasts, gradation and shade of the slope.
SNOW DETECTOR: good vision of contrasts together combined with the partial reduction of blue light lets read the different shades of the snow.

Mont Blanc in sunny weather with some clouds.

Filter Category 2
VLT 36.60%

  • 100% UV protection (Uv-A, Uv-B, Uv-C)
  • Close fitting ZEISS lenses for great field of view
  • Superb anti-fog properties thanks to the double lens construction: ZEISS lenses together with inner anti-fog coated acetate lens.
  • Delivered in microfiber pouch.

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