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  • Paragliding: 150k triangle in 150s

    Co-founder Jonas Böttiger showing how you do a 150k triangle on a paraglider, summer 2021. Of course wearing Rovlfuga goggles - Multi Layer Blue, w...
  • Winter is here!

    We are receiving lots of nice pictures from all our friends (our larvae?). This weekend a lot of nice skiing in Austria. Here is a picture from tod...
  • FLUGA ❤ glasses

    FLUGA ❤ glasses We have tested Rovfluga goggles with a lot of different glasses and it works. You can wear your prescription glasses underneath. I...
  • Unboxing (Swedish)

    A happy unboxing in Åre Sweden. Check out the Youtube video. And make sure to subscribe to Påls channel for Acro paragliding, Uni cycling and more....
  • Choose your lenses

    Choose your lenses. Which ones do you need? Read more about the lenses here & about which one to choose here. And shop here!
  • Welcome, the shop is open!

    Finally, it’s happening!After 3 years the goggles are ready, and we are opening our own store. We hope you will like them. Jonas & Per  
  • Welcome

    Welcome to our new home. Hope you will like it here.  Please reach out if you have questions or comments.  /Jonas & Per