Lens Information

Blue Light

Mountains in Tignes in various light.

The snow reflects the sky which is blue. This means that the eye is overwhelmed by blue light and it is difficult to read the shades of the snow. The same applies when looking at the sky.

However, some blue light is needed by the eye to “read” the snow. It is therefore necessary to have the right amount of blue light into the eye.

The correct lenses for this environment partially reduces a portion of blue light and enables you to read the different shades of the snow. Instead of seeing the snow as a flat blue surface, you will be able to see moguls and hollows.

Lens colors and mirrors

We offer two base lenses/filers: orange and grey. These base lenses/filters are combined with different mirrors to create unique solutions for seeing more and protecting your eyes in various conditions.

Orange lenses are more focused on creating contrast in cloudy, low light to partially cloudy conditions and the grey base lenses are more about reducing light in bright and sunny conditions.

ENHANCED CONTRASTS: the peak of yellow/green in the spectral curve allows to see contrasts, gradation and shade of the slope.
SNOW DETECTOR: good vision of contrasts together combined with the partial reduction of blue light lets read the different shades of the snow.

NEUTRAL AND NATURAL: natural perception of colors thanks to the flat shape of the spectral curve.
BLUE LIGHT REDUCTION: The blue light is gradually reduced
COMFORT: the result is a comfortable vision without overload to the eye. Ideal for extended use.

Mirrors and Coatings
The color on the mirror is for creating a certain effect in combination with the lens/filter color. It’s all about performance, not looks!

Filter Categories

Snowy mountains in various conditions.

Cat 1 - Cloudy weather and low light conditions
Cat 2 - Sunny and partially cloudy conditions
Cat 3 - Bright and sunny conditions

The Fluga Lens Collection

Fluga Sports Lens guide

Category 1

In cloudy weather and low light conditions – you need a contrast enhancing lens that decreases blue light and increases orange and red. The correct lens must have a high Visible Light Transmission value to pass enough light to the eye in overcast and difficult conditions.


Orange lens
Orange contrast enhancing ZEISS lenses for use in cloudy weather and low light conditions. A life saver for flat light and overcast days.
Lens base color: Orange   Mirror:
Category: 1   VLT: 47,48 %


Category 2

In sunny and partially cloudy conditions - you need an all-round lens. A lens that both enhances contrast and that lets enough light pass through. Moving from shade to sunlight you need a lens that can do all.


ML Blue | Orange Lens
The orange contrast enhancing ZEISS lenses with Multi-Layer Blue Mirror lens for all around use. Our personal favourite for paragliding.
Lens base color: Orange   Mirror: Multi layer Blue
Category: 2   VLT: 36,60 %


ML Gold | Orange Lens
Orange contrast enhancing ZEISS lenses with Multi-Layer Gold Mirror for all around use.
Lens base color: Orange   Mirror: Multi layer Gold
Category: 2   VLT: 31,33 %


Grey Lens
Grey neutral ZEISS lenses for all around use - sunny and partially cloudy conditions.
Lens base color: Grey Mirror:  
Category 2: VLT 21,11%


Category 3

In bright and sunny conditions - you still need to have help with blocking blue light, but you need a darker lens.

Super Silver | Orange Lens
Orange contrast enhancing ZEISS lenses with Super Silver Mirror.
Lens base color: Orange   Mirror: Super Silver
Category: 3   VLT: 17,98 %


ML Orange | Grey Lens

Grey neutral ZEISS lenses with Multi-Layer Orange mirror for use in bright and sunny conditions. 
Lens base color: Grey Mirror: Orange
Category: 3 VLT: 13,13%


Super Bronze | Grey Lens

Grey neutral ZEISS lenses with Super Bronze Mirror for use in bright and sunny conditions.
Lens base color: Grey Mirror: Super Bronze
Filter Category: 3 VLT: 10,51%

Lens Construction

Fluga lens construction.

1. Mirror
2. Hard Coating for mirror adhesion
3. Lens – Color technology
4. Hard Coating
5. Gasket
6. Inner lens  

100% UV protection 
Ultimate protection against UV
and sun hazards
Color technology by ZEISS Sunlens
A range of colors tuned for snow for the high definition and snow detection

Scratch Resistant
Long lasting protection thanks to
hard coating
Precision in optics
ZEISS expertise and know-how in developing optical moulds with superior optics

High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate
Great protection for outdoor activities
Maximum clarity
Higher resolution without any distortion

Frame optical analysis
Lenses produced in Italy

ZEISS lenses only

We have chosen to work with ZEISS lenses only. Now it's your choice – which are the right lenses for your adventure?
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