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Closeup of black Fluga goggles with spare lenses by Zeiss.

Goggle Facts

  • Injection molded high quality TPU frames made in Sweden. Colors are from master batch (not painted) which creates a smaller footprint.
  • Interchangeable polycarbonate lenses by ZEISS, made in Italy.
  • Inner fog lens with great anti-fog properties made from cellulose acetate by Mazzucchelli 1849.
  • Strap with non-slip silicone strips. Fluga jacquard logo. Made in Austria from polyester/polyamide.
  • Front facing ventilation with polyurethane filter at top and bottom of frame to keep snow and wind out.
  • Precision fit with triple layer polyurethane foam all around.
  • Goggle pouch in microfiber for storing the goggles and that doubles as wiping cloth.
All high quality, long lasting materials

Snowboarder walking over snowy field in sunny Riksgränsen with Nordalstoppen in the background.


Do you feel trapped in ordinary goggles?

Fluga goggles will give you an extraordinary sense of freedom. The lenses sit closer to your eyes and you will experience more of the world. 

FLUGA glasses

We have tested Rovfluga goggles with a lot of different glasses and it works. You can wear your prescription glasses underneath. If the frames are within the maximum measurements (144mm x 55mm), it should be ok.

There will be a small gap at the temples - extra ventilation 😉 depending on the shape/size of the glasses and your head.

sketch of glassesInterchangeable lenses

Weather conditions can dramatically differ – from sunny to foggy, from snowy to rainy. Clearly seeing the terrain is essential. An advantage with the Fluga design is that you can always carry another pair of lenses with you. Being out all day you often encounter varying light conditions. Our lenses pack smaller than large traditional ones and they come in a small pouch that you can easily fit in your pocket. There are different lenses for various sun and snow conditions.

Zeiss logotype

Our lenses highlight critical red, green, and yellow portions of the spectrum in order to allow normal color perception, provide comfort in bright reflective conditions or when the sun sets.

Orange hues allow an improvement of contrasts and consequently a clearer vision.

We add different mirrors to our lenses. The combination of base color together with a certain mirror creates different properties and looks.

Note, all Fluga original lenses have a laser engraved ZEISS logo.

Closeup of Fluga goggles with laser engraved ZEISS logotype

Anti Fog

The goggles have great anti-fog properties, achieved using a sandwich construction – ZEISS lens, foam gasket and anti-fog coated inner lens made by Mazzucchelli 1849.

For optimal fit and function togehter with a helmet, the top ventilation inlets are front facing, allowing best possible airflow.

Male downhill mountainbiker with helmet and Fluga gogles.


The unique design with two separate lenses instead of one large rigid lens makes the goggles softer. The part in between the lenses acts like a flexible hinge so the goggles will have a great fit no matter the size and shape of the wearer.

Close-up of Rovfluga goggles on a scale


Rovfluga goggles are lighter than traditional goggles. A complete pair weighs in at around 110 grams. That is about 50 grams less than the flagship models from the leading brands. This is not only a benefit uphill, but they are also using less material which is good for the planet.

Fluga goggles frame being injection moulded.


Goggle Revolution.
Goggle Evolution.
Goggle Solution.

Inspired by nature we engineered the Fluga Goggles from the ground up. We strongly believe that form follows function.

See more and experience a better field of view.
Great fit thanks to the unique design.
Prepared for any conditions thanks to the interchangeable lenses.
Always protected from the sun using ZEISS lenses only.
The bold design makes it possible to have a lesser footprint since we are using less material.

Less is more. From ordinary to extraordinary.
Designed in Sweden, made in Italy.