Paraglider pilot Kinga Masztalerz flying high above Mont Blanc

Coaching and guiding. redbullxalps athlete

Kinga Masztalerz:

“normal sunglasses let all the wind in, it hurts my eyes, big goggles are too bulky and limit my vision, Fluga is a perfect compromise and the lenses are absolutely amazing."

Snowboarding legend Eva Sandelgard wearing Fluga goggles in Riksgränsen

3x Xtreme Verbier Champion

Eva Sandelgard:

"I love Fluga. The best lenses. And the most comfortable goggles I have ever worn!"


Lu-Glidz blogzine review

Lucian Haas:

"The optical quality is really great."

Lu-Glidz review

Cross Country Magazine Review

Charlie King:

”...eye-catchingly different to look at, and superbly comfortable to wear.”

Cross Country Magazine

Paragliding Tandem Pilot

Sean Potts:

"...super goggles 😀"


Riksgränsen local & Fluga Field Tester

Tiger Lundmark:

”…what I really like about them, is the forward-facing ventilation.”

Former Nordic Acro Paragliding Champion

Pål Hammar Rognøy:

"Ridiculously cool!"

Man snowboarding in Kittlefjäll, Sweden. Wearing Fluga Sports Snowboarding gogles.

Park rat, ski instructor & sometimes snowboarder

Hannes Invers:

”…skiing switch is definitely more comfortable with a wider field-of-view.”