The Team

 We love skiing, paragliding and other sports where goggles are a must.

But looking for new ones ourselves, we couldn't find what we were looking for and that most goggles on the market were more or less the same.

We had a long list of things that we wanted from our goggles. This became our mission statement:

- less bulky
- wide field of view
- lighter
- easy to change lenses
- high quality lenses
- good-looking

We wanted goggles that are less bulky than the ones one the market. Goggles that give a really wide field of view. We felt trapped in our old goggles not matter that they had a huge screen, it felt like being trapped in a box. And we wanted them substantially lighter than the so called "industry leaders" - since we were getting better and better lightweight gear, why were the goggles still as heavy?

We wanted the ability to easily change lenses. It's good to be able to change lenses, but even better if the lenses are so compact that you can actually carry them with you all day instead of having them in a huge box at home when you need them. The gogles had to have have exceptionally good lenses for any conditions out there.

And we wanted something that stood out from the rest. It felt like there had been some really good ideas... but that almost all goggles on the market were now looking the same....

So we came up with the idea of Fluga. We wanted something different, so we just had to make them ourselves. Inspired by nature we engineered them from the ground up.


Jonas Böttiger and Per Segergren in Bourg St Maurice in 1993.

Per Segergren
Equally happy on the sea as on the slopes or in the air; skier and paragliding pilot since the dawn of time. Also active in the fashion and retail business.

Jonas Böttiger
Mountain lover; record holding paragliding pilot, mountain bike rider and climber. When away from the mountain – an art director, photographer, and filmmaker by trade.