Rovfluga Manual

Before using your new goggles, carefully read this manual.

Safety and Testing

These goggles are CE marked, meaning that they comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425. European standard EN 174:2001 – “Personal eye protection – Ski goggles for downhill skiing” has been used for evaluation.

Filter Categories

These goggles have interchangeable ZEISS lenses. Please see specific information for each lens at

Cat 0 – Snowy, foggy, and overcast conditions, or sunset/nighttime use
Cat 1 – Cloudy weather and low light conditions
Cat 2 – Sunny and partially cloudy conditions
Cat 3 – Bright and sunny conditions
Cat 4 – Extremely bright and sunny conditions

Lens base Coating VLT Cat Art.
Orange - 47,48 1 3000
Orange ML Blue 36,00 2 3075
Orange ML Gold 31,33 2 3005
Grey - 21,11 2 0800
Orange Super Silver 17,98 3 3003
Grey ML Orange 17,85 3 0830
Grey Super Bronze 10,51 3 0804


The lenses have a sandwich construction with a lens (with or without mirror coating), a gasket, and an inner anti-fog lens. The inner lens has an anti-fog treatment. Never rub or use any soap or solvents on the inner lens to preserve its anti-fog properties.

Some fogging may still occur with extreme temperature changes – such as moving from indoors to outdoors.

Storage, Use and Maintenance

These goggles are designed for snow sports (skiing and snowboarding). They are not intended to be worn on the road or when driving.

The lenses provide 100% UVA, UVB, protection.

The goggles will protect you from snow, wind and sun while skiing and snowboarding. The goggles do not offer heavy impact protection.

Always store your rovFLUGA goggles in the supplied pouch and in the protective paper tube when not in use. Keep them away from excessive heat.

Damaged or scratched lenses must be replaced immediately.

How to Assemble the rovFLUGA

(Video instruction below)

1. Installing the strap

 2. Lens orientation

Leave the protective film, inside of lenses, in place during the installation process. Remove the film after step 3f.

3. Installing the lenses

4. Removing the lenses

How to Adjust the Strap


Lenses: The lenses are fragile, so they need to be handled with care. The front of the lenses can be cleaned with lukewarm water. Let dry and then use a microfiber cloth (the pouch) on the front if needed. NEVER wipe a damp lens with anything. The inner lens has and anti-fog treatment, therefore it must never be rubbed, only lightly touched with microfiber cloth if needed.
Ensure that there are no dust particles on the lenses before wiping them with a microfiber cloth.
Goggles and Strap: The goggle frame, strap and pouch can all be cleaned using lukewarm water and a mild soap if necessary.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Only use approved Fluga Sports lenses, straps etc.