There are several reasons behind the design:

Having two curved lenses we can have the lenses sit closer to the eyes without the need of a thick frame. This means that you get a wider view.

The part in between the eyes acts like a hinge, making the goggles softer and therefore adapt better to the wearer.

Two lenses enable us to use less material and making lighter goggles.

Two smaller lenses are easier to bring with you in a pocket than one big shield so you can have your spare lenses with you if the weather changes.

And finally - Why make yet another goggle, that looks and performs like the rest?

We love them, and think they look great. Hope you do too! See here.

The lenses sit closer to your eyes, so you have an excellent field of view.

(Traditional goggles have a thick frame obstructing your view both horizontally and vertically.)

“No, your brain composes one image as always. You have two eyes, right? 😉 Actually, it is just like wearing sunglasses... There is a bridge in between the eyes, but the brain filters it out.

No, there is a bridge, but your brain filters it out. It’s almost like with your nose, you can see it if you concentrate on it. Or like when you are wearing sunglasses - something is there if you think about it, but it is not obstructing the view.

No, not necessarily... A large shield doesn’t automatically mean you see more. In many cases it is the opposite. There are a few reasons behind this:

    • The part around the nose on traditional goggles is in most cases so deep that it obstructs the view downward and that it creates a kind of ghost-image, seen like two peaks…
    • A larger lens/shield must be moved further away from the face/eyes since the nose is in the way. Therefore, the lens must be mounted on a deep/thick frame protruding from your face. This creates a sort of “letterbox”/tunnel effect.
    • When using a large lens/shield you still must use a gasket etc for the anti-fog properties. This reduces the actual area you see though.
    • On traditional goggles the useable area (seen from the inside) is much smaller than what is perceived from the front.

For most people it works! See measurements and further info under “features”.

There are several things in order to make them as fog-free as possible: First of all the Fluga lenses have a sandwich construction with lens/gasket/inner lens. The inner lens is threated with a anti-fog coating The ventilation is front facing and therefore allowing a perfect airflow.

Choosing the right lenses is the important part. The rest: frame and strap color are only about your personal preference. Choose whatever you like.

Yes, there is a range of lenses with various properties. You should choose the lenses matching the conditions that you will face: Lighter and contrast enhancing lenses for low light and darker lenses when needed. See the lens guide.

Yes, you can! See “lenses” for our choice of lenses and have a look at “features” and the manual for instructions on how to change lenses. Also make sure to practice at home a few times before doing this outside.

Rovfluga goggles fit great with all types of helmets, even full-face helmets. The edge of the goggles is so thin that it more or less slips in under the padding, eliminating any gap as you see on many combinations. And since the ventilation is front-facing you still have great airflow. (On most traditional goggles the top ventilation is blocked by the helmet.)

The frames are injection molded in Sweden. The lenses are made in Italy. Sewing straps, cutting the lenses etc. and assembly is made in Italy.

There is just one size/fit but thanks to the soft and flexible design they will fit most people no matter the size and shape. And they work great with all kinds on helmets – even full-face ones.

Rovfluga goggles have been thoroughly tested and conform to standard CE EN174:2001 - goggles for downhill skiing

All Fluga lenses have 100% UV protection (Uv-A, Uv-B, Uv-C) and are all ZEISS lenses, made in Italy.

We are offering flat rate shipping to all destinations we cover – see “shipping”. Therefore, we use different services depending on delivery time and price.

Within EU + Norway VAT is included in the price. For other destinations VAT and duty is not included. (currently we are only shipping to the EU + Switzerland + Norway.)

You will receive an e-mail with tracking information as soon as the order is packed.

First of all check with the shipping company using the tracking number you received. Secondly contact us through the chat function on the website or e-mail us at info@flugasports.com.

We sincerely hope that will never be the case. But if something happens, please e-mail us at info@flugasports.com and we will sort it out.

As long as the order has not been shipped just e-mail us at info@flugasports.com and we will try to solve it. If the order has been shipped you will have to e-mail us and we will figure this out together.

Fluga Sports AB is a Swedish company. Our offices are in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Fluga are exclusively available online at flugasports.com

Fluga Sports AB was officially founded in 2020 by Jonas Böttiger and Per Segergren. However, the development of Rovfluga started already in 2018.

Either use the chat function on our webpage or write to us info@flugasports.com